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We enable ISPs to launch new products easier and faster than ever before.

Use Cases

Introduce new products

Bring additional services to your customers in an uncomplicated way.

Fast and easy integration

Our cloud can be integrated via a small software update containing only well-audited open-source code.


Adhering to German and European security and data protection standards.

Make Your Broadband Subscriptions Matter to Your Customers

Home networks are the target of more attacks than ever before. Consumers feel the lack of security and privacy in their home yet no suitable countermeasure is offered to them.
At the same time, ISPs can not create a meaningful differentiation of their broadband product other than speed and price. It's time to make yourself indispensable to your subscribers with grade A security services.

Use Cases



Home networks are becoming more and more connected, neglecting widespread customer desire for security and privacy. Our solution can bring a sense of security back into your customer's connected home and increase customer engagement.


Key to any succesfull subscription model is customer satisfaction, which results in a longer customer lifetime. For broadband subscriptions, this usually means delivering a stable and fast internet connection at the lowest possible price. Additional services however can also increase customer loyalty if the customer can feel a direct and unique benefit brought to them.


An ISP is competing with other ISPs to retain their broadband subscribers. Currently, the ISP can only lower the price for the subscription or invest in infrastructure (e.g. fiber) to increase the speed of the connection. Acquiring new customers in this highly saturated market is therefore expensive.
The ISP has no meaningful way to differentiate their product from the competition.


With Bitahoy's solution, ISPs can offer their customers a unique solution that satisfies their customers demand for more security and privacy. Because the customers now actually interact and engage with their broadband subscription, an increase in Net Promoter Score and therefore a decrease in churn can be achieved.

Additional services

Additional Services

A smaller ISP is operating in a restricted geographic area and wants to launch a new service for their customers but does not have the resources to realize this project. Bitahoy can bring such services at minimal deployments costs.


When analyzing the current market demands, the small ISP identifies smart home control as one desired feature of their customers, replacing the Apps of all smart home vendors with just one easy-to-use App the ISP provides. The ISP therefore essentially becomes the customer's smart home infrastructure provider, a value the ISP can charge additional fees for.


The small ISP first requests such a functionality from their router manufacturing partner. Such a complex adjustment however requires a big financial investment the ISP simply can not afford given the experimental character of this feature. Further, it would take several months until such hardware can be deployed to new customers of the ISP.


Bitahoy's cloud acts a platform that allows ISPs to launch such a service without any additional hardware and at lowest possible deployment time. After white-labelling the Bitahoy App, only a small firmware update contain well audited open-source software is necessary to realize the project.

Additional insights

Gaining additional insights

Leveraging the ability of the system to better understand how consumers use their devices and interact with their network, we can help the ISP focus their marketing campaigns and optimize customer experience.


The ISP is interested in seeing if there's demand for a new product, but lacks the necessary information to understand the preferences of their clients to act on this idea. If they could better understand their customer segmentation and how customers use their existing devices, they could tailor the offering to their needs.


Currently, there is no way of inferring such information on a detailed per-house scale and the existing data is geared towards technical requirements. This lack of flexibility leads to longer business processes that require co-operation from multiple departments and various outside companies. Unfortunately, this is exactly what prevents the ISP from being able to analyze trends and market changes in real time, instead sticking to reactive measures.


Through a GDPR compliant process, we are able to present reports, visualize trends and analyze network usage in easy to grasp concepts for both the technical and nontechnical personal. This can be integrated into existing platforms through our API, or using our existing fully-customizable ISP-dashboard.


outgoing and incoming traffic goes throuh a secure tunnel to the cloud

All outgoing and incoming traffic is monitored and controlled using a secure tunnel to the cloud. Whenever malicious traffic is detected, the attack is blocked before it reaches the home network. The user is notified with further information on how to avoid similar issues in the future.


What to expect?

We want to help ISPs to make the most of their broadband product. If you have any open questions or ideas please do not hesitate to contact us and we can can schedule a brief 1-on-1 meeting to discuss everything.

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Universität des Saarlandes
Saarland Informatics Campus
CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security
Participant Cyberlab - a Start-up BW Accelerator

Funded by

Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung


At Bitahoy, we strive to change the way people see their internet connection and digital home. That is why in the fall of 2020, we teamed up with CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security to do a joint research and development project, in which we explored ways to bring innovation to the digital home.
The central question was how can modern home networks be more secure?
We approached the question with the understanding that home networks have been evolving drastically in the last couple of years. The trend of IoT and smart-technologies have changed the way we perceive our internet connection and how we see the world. The old router, with its limited capabilities and challenging integration of new hardware is a bottleneck.
We therefore strive to revolutionize the way our internet connections works to allow customers to always be up to date.

Bitahoy Team
Alexander Fink
Alexander Fink
Marius Bleif
Marius Bleif
Roman Tabachnikov
Roman Tabachnikov

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