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Always stay alerted on the cybersecurity status of your connected home.


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Keep track of your IoT devices and inspect their impact on your privacy!

Protect your network

Be notified if your devices are affected by a vulnerability and get advice how to solve the problem.

Control your network

Block any of your devices when you don't need them to keep your home private.

Without any setup

Just plug the Watchdog in and it works! You don't have to configure anything.

One device to protect all devices

Through the Watchdog, your home network will be upgraded to the most recent cybersecurity standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bitahoy Watchdog

Our software offers an all-in-one security solution for your smart home. With the help of artificial intelligence, all smart devices connected to your home network, such as your smart TV, robot vacuum cleaner and Alexa, are protected from threats and attacks from the Internet. You also get numerous other privacy and security features. For example, you can always see where your smart devices are sending data packets via the app, giving you full control over all activities.
The Watchdog is a small but necessary device that runs our software. You only need to connect the Watchdog to your router to secure your home network.
You need the Bitahoy Watchdog and the Bitahoy App. The handy box is simply connected to your router and the power outlet via Plug and Play. Now download the Bitahoy app to your smartphone so that you can start using the Watchdog. With the help of artificial intelligence, incoming and outgoing data traffic will be actively analyzed in real time from now on. Using metadata, our software automatically detects malicious traffic and unsafe behavior within your home network and can block it in real time. You can track which attacks have been blocked on which devices at any time via our app, which also allows you to manage your settings.
Via the Bitahoy app you can easily control all Watchdog-applications via smartphone, as well as make all your personal settings. You can also view all network statistics at any time, e.g. when which of your smart devices was active.
Your data will be processed locally on the Watchdog whenever possible. Only for some necessary App-Features selected information is stored at our servers in Germany.
Cybercrime, and with it the general level of concern, is steadily increasing. According to the German Federal Office for Information Security, one in four people has already been a victim of cybercrime in 2020, 25 percent of them in the last 12 months. Smart devices are supposed to make our lives more pleasant and comfortable. However, users of smart applications also make themselves vulnerable to attacks and the misuse of personal data. The Bitahoy Watchdog ensures that you are no longer at the mercy of attacks on Internet-enabled devices, breaches of privacy and the theft of access data.
The router firewall typically consists of static rules about which network traffic is allowed and which is not. This works well to protect a computer from unsolicited access from the Internet. However, today many devices should be intentionally accessible from the Internet, for example, to check the surveillance camera while on the road. These devices are not protected by the firewall. Similarly, network traffic within the network is also not considered by the firewall, which means that a malicious device on the network can access other devices on the network in an uncontrolled manner. The Bitahoy Watchdog monitors all network traffic and thus can also detect attacks within the network. Unlike firewall, instead of static rules, ML-based anomaly detection is used among others, so we can detect and block a wide range of threats.

Purchase and Setup

The setup takes only a few minutes and is very easy: the watchdog is connected to the router and the power supply. To get started, download our Bitahoy app to your smartphone.
Yes, to use the Watchdog you need the Bitahoy App. The setup takes only a few minutes and is very easy to do: the Watchdog is connected to the router and the power outlet. To get started you need to download the Bitahoy App.


The Watchdog specializes in protecting smart devices on the home network. These devices include all Internet-connected devices on the home network.
No, in a typical setting, there is no limit. The Watchdog protects all your devices on the home network that are connected to the Internet.
You don't have to do anything at first. Through its intelligent algorithm, the Watchdog automatically detects attacks and blocks them in real time. You can track in the app at any time when and on which device an attack has taken place. Depending on the attack and the device on which the attack took place, we also provide you with information via the app on how to prevent similar attacks in the future.
We work hard to protect your home network from attacks. Our customers receive daily security updates and our software is constantly improving. Firstly, because our machine learning models are always learning, but also because we iteratively develop our software and add new features. While it would be untrustworthy to promise 100% security, we make it much more difficult for attackers to take over devices in your network and also protect you from data-hungry manufacturers.

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We are excited that you are interested in our Watchdog.

Participation in our test phase offers you the opportunity to put your smart home to the test: Which devices are trustworthy and secure and which devices have vulnerabilities? Be among the first to get the opportunity to test the Watchdog at home. Simple and without obligation. We will send you the device and you can use it during the test free of charge. If you like it, you can keep it and continue to receive software updates to constantly improve the security in your smart home. If you are not satisfied, you can stop the test at any time.

We need some information to select the participants of the product test. Please fill out the form as precisely as possible and we will contact you before our product test. If questions arise, you can contact us at any time.

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